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Please, no matter what node you're using, take the time to read the how-to's and etiquette for IRLP. It is a different way to use the radio, and special action on your part is required to make things go smoothly. Also read the individual web pages for the nodes and reflectors so that you know what rules the owner has imposed, especially for reflector sub-channels. Some reflectors have specific languages assigned to specific channels. Web pages for the reflectors, as well as regular nodes, are available by clicking on the node/reflector number on the Connected Status page. Nodes listed are only those who are currently connected to someone. A list of ALL nodes (but without the reflectors listed) is available by clicking on All IRLP Nodes at the top of the page.

A list of nodes in PDF format is available at

What is IRLP and how does it work?

Guidelinesfor use of IRLP
Why does IRLP require rules that are different from what you are used to?

G4EID reflector status page
(Allow for 5 minute delay of status updates)

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